Fira d'Igualada is an entity with no profit motive. It was created in 1951 with the purpose of encouraging fairs, markets and festivities as well as increasing the possibilities of trade and industry in Igualada and its region.

The entity is formed by around 50 members who disinterestedly make sure its aims are achieved.

The board of directors work in a more direct way giving direct instructions for its operation and closely following it.

Fira d'Igualada has an annual agreement of collaboration with the City council of Igualada which is also represented in the advisory board.

Fira d'Igualada has permanent professional management formed by three people who perform management, business and secretarial tasks.

The entity’s activity as regards as fairs has been having an increasingly important development during the past years basically thanks to the impulse which the new board of directors has given to it. This board took over its task in 1992 and increased the possibilities of new fairs in the setting of the region’s industrial frame.

Fira d'Igualada is thinking about going ahead with the planning of new fairs within a short time with the aim of increasing the power of commerce and industry. It is also open to new suggestions for the near future. Fira d'Igualada is fully aware of its purpose and is also a constantly dynamic organization. Hence its interest in studying new projects and its complete predisposition to collaborate in all those new ideas which can help promote the economy of the city and region.

At present there is not enough fairground to carry out all the fairs, which entails the organization of fairs in different grounds adapted to the different needs of each event. The local and regional administrations have reached the commitment to build a multivalent precinct in the short term for all the possible events .This fact will lead to an improvement of the conditions for those fairs which are being organized at the present time and will facilitate the ground to carry out new projects in the future.

Nowadays 9 different fairs are organized. Some are held more than once a year so this leads to more than 20 annual events.


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