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Normes 2018

2018 Rules


Maqpaper, international fair of suppliers for the pulp, paper and corrugated cardboard industry .

Dates: 7 and 8 March 2018.

Timetable: Exhibitors and visitors from 9.30 am to 19.00 pm

Fairground: Recinte L’Excorxador, C/ Prat de la Riba, 47, 08700 IGUALADA

  • Machinery
  • Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Chemical products
  • Work shops
  • Engineering
  • Environment

The companies interested in taking part in Maqpaper should fill in the pre-registration form and send it back via e-mail or by post to FIRA D’IGUALADA.

Afterwards, once the spaces have been booked, you will be sent a plan to let you know where you will have your stand, the admission form (which will have to be properly filled and returned via fax or e-mail to FIRA D’IGUALADA) and the papers of the services hired.


Distribution and adjudication will be made according to the following priorities:

  1. Surface required
  2. Order of pre-register request
  3. Products to be exhibited
  4. Other technical considerations

The adjudication of spaces of the fair is solely Maqpaper ‘s organization’s right.


FIRA D’IGUALADA puts into service the following :

  • The modular stands have carpet, 100w/m2 general power sockets (single-phase and total) for the stand’s light and a plug.
  • Stands of free construction are equipped with a 100 w/m2 (single-phase).
  • Security service
  • Cafeteria and restaurant in the fairground
  • Civil liability insurance
  • Fire extinction service
  • Packing storage service
  • Crane for unloading and loading in the premises
  • Free insertion in the catalogue
  • Maintenance and attention service to the exhibitor

Optionally, FIRA D’IGUALADA offers other services such as:furniture, hostesses, gardening, accommodation, extension of power supply, steam, compressed air and so on.You will be given the papers to contract services together with the admission form.

FIRA D’IGUALADA cleans corridors and common areas .Exhibitors must clean their own stands and they can hire a cleaning service through the contracting service papers mentioned before.

FIRA D’IGUALADA has contracted a loudspeaker system  which includes background music and announcements.No other sound equipment is allowed to the exhibitors that could interfere with the general one present.


Maqpaper’s  official catalogue will be released by the organization.The insertion of a publicity page in the catalogue will be completely free for the exhibitors.
Exhibitors will be able to contract an additional publicity space in the catalogue by asking for it to the organization.

The organization can not be held responsible for any errors published.


Exhibitors will be provided passes in order to be able to assemble and dismantle during the fair and these will expire at the end of it.
Assembling will be on March 6th from 8 to 20 hours.

Dismantling will be on the last day of the fair from closing time to 21 hours and on the following day from 8 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00.

Modular stands should be returned in the same condition as they were given with no holes on walls or assembling areas.

Exhibitors with free construction stands must contact the organization for technical data.Also, they must hand in the project’s plan.By the end of the fair all material must be removed leaving the space with no constructions.


Registration 150 €
Standard modular stand: 120 euros/m2
Free construction space: 105 euros/m2

Minimum space 12 m2 (4 m façade x 3 m bottom)

Total payment must be made before January 22nd 2018.All payments must be made to FIRA D’IGUALADA using either of the following:

  • Check to FIRA D’IGUALADA
  • Bank transfer to :
    • CatalunyaCaixa: ES73 2013-6053-20-0200952844
    • Banc Sabadell: ES44 0081-0037-92-0001352736
    • BBVA: ES54 0182-8099-1701-0001-0059

FIRA D’IGUALADA  has a civil liability policy to third part damages valid during the days of the fair (including assembling and dismantling days). There is a copy of the policy mentioned should the contracting part wish to see it.
Insurance against theft must be covered by the exhibitor himself.


For any eventuality there is a regulation code of the fair activity for the contractor to see by FIRA D’IGUALADA.