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    Aerosport was born in 1993 by the hand of Fira d’Igualada and the Igualada-Òdena Aeroclub, an entity with a long aeronautical experience and with the support of the Town Hall of Igualada and the Town Council of Òdena. Since 1999, aerosport has also, with the organizational support and collaboration of the Catalan Air Federation. The…

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    Technical information

    General data Edition: 27 Character: Professional-General Dates: May 4 and 5, 2019 Place: Igualada-Òdena Aerodrome Location: Òdena (Barcelona) Frequency: annual Scope: statewide Offer: Aeronautical material Free entrance Public hours: Saturday 10 at 7 in the afternoon Sunday from 10 in the morning at 3 p.m. Sectors Ultralights Want to sail Motovelers Aerobatics Paramotor Helicopters Amateur…

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    Technical organization                           In agreement with             With the collaboration of:                                 With the support of:              …