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Leig procedures


Welcome to Aerosport, the great annual meeting of general and sports aeronautics. In order to receive visiting pilots with order and safety some simple traffic rules have been established for the days of the meeting. Remember: in order for everybody to enjoy Aerosport and to guarantee future editions, ​safety must be in the top of everyone’s list of priorities. All pilots are kindly requested to read and follow the procedures.


Airfield coordinates: 41º 35′ 18” N 001º 39′ 07” E.

Runaway: 16 / 34

Elevation: 335 m / 1100 ft

Radio frequency: 123.175 MHz

– Aeronautical radio is required for all aircraft at all times during Aerosport 2019.

– Igualada-Odena is a non-controlled airfield. A voluntary flight information service is expected with callsign “Igualada”.

– The information transmitted by “Igualada” does not exempt the pilot in command of each aircraft of their obligation to keep separation from terrain and other aircraft.

– ​All sorts​ of light aircraft are expected: trikes, gliders, powered chutes, 2- and 3-axis ultralights, helicopters, GA airplanes, etc. Pilots are advised to ​look out at all times​ while flying.

– A shortened circuit has been established to be used exclusively by trikes, powered chutes or special situations.

– Caution possible glider activity in the vicinity of the field and especially to the E of it.

– Overflying ​residential areas​ should be avoided when possible.
it. – Aircraft flying with a ​flight plan​ must call number (+34)932983798 to file or cancel

– On Sat May 4 at 18:00 LT and on Sun May 5 at 12:00 LT there will be an air show authorized by AESA (Spanish aviation authority) and announced by NOTAM.





Traffic arriving at Aerosport must monitor frequency 123.175 MHz at least 10 km/5,4 nm out of the field to receive information such as runway in use, traffic density, etc. Arriving traffic should ​report aircraft type, registration and position​ over the following reporting points:

  • Traffic arriving from the ​N:​ RUBIÓ WIND FARM (dist. 8,5 km/4,3 nm; bearing from LEIG 340o) Caution: do not overfly windmills bellow 1150 m/3800 ft ASL
  • Traffic arriving from the ​E:​ EL BRUC TUNNEL (dist. 7 km/3,8 nm; bearing from LEIG 080o) Caution: possible glider activity in the vicinity
  • Traffic arriving from the ​S:​ CAPELLADES (dist. 6,6 km/3,6 nm; bearing from LEIG 152o)
  • Traffic arriving from the ​W:​ JORBA (dist. 9 km/4,9 nm; bearing from LEIG 280o)

Join the circuit following the preceding aircraft and adjusting speed and trajectory as necessary.

Both approach circuits at both sides of the runway will be used, but for sailplanes only the E circuit will be used (right rwy 34, light rwy 16).

Runway occupancy time must be as short as possible. After landing and once at sufficiently low speed, vacate the paved runway.

Follow ground crew personnel for parking​ guidance. Do not park on the taxiway or on the areas reserved for exhibitors.


Departing traffic: when reporting taxi for departure must ​report flight intentions, initial heading ​and, for local flights, estimated duration. Examples:· “EC-XXX, request taxi for flight with destination Zaragoza departing to the South West”

  • “EC-XXX, request taxi for local flight of touch and goes of 30 minutes”
  • “EC-XXX, request taxi for flight with destination Ampuriabrava departing to the East”
  • “EC-XXX, request taxi for local flight to Montserrat of one hour”
  • “EC-XXX, request taxi for one touch and go and then flight to Valencia”

Runway occupancy time must be as short as possible. Do not turn immediately after takeoff​. Continue on runway heading for at least 1 km for safety and to avoid cutting the trajectory of other aircraft joining the circuit. During Aerosport 2019 aerobatic maneuvers ​are not authorised ​except for aircraft specifically authorized by AESA.

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