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Aerosport was born in 1993 by the hand of Fira d’Igualada and the Igualada-Òdena Aeroclub, an entity with a long aeronautical experience and with the support of the Town Hall of Igualada and the Town Council of Òdena. Since 1999, aerosport has also, with the organizational support and collaboration of the Catalan Air Federation.

The first two editions were the origin of the current Aerosport, which in the third edition, in July 1995, was consolidated as the only state-run competition dedicated to the general and sports aeronautics.

Aerosport is a competition open to the public, which fosters contacts between professionals and aeronautics enthusiasts and unveils a world of new adventure sports. It is therefore aimed at all those persons and entities, whether linked to the aeronautics industry or not, and also auxiliary services that it generates: clubs, specialized material companies, tourist flight agencies, publications, etc.

Throughout a weekend, Aerosport brings together all modes of light and sport aviation, with the added appeal that the audience can actively participate in the various scheduled events.

Aerosport is also an unequivocal point of reference for a growing industrial sector and is, at the same time, a tool to promote alternative industries, which gives rise to the creation of organizations related to the world of air sports.

Aerosport is celebrated during a weekend of May, since the climatological conditions of this time of the year favor the practice of these adventure sports and give greater security for the achievement of the programmed activities.

This year 2020, Aerosport celebrates its 28th edition again with an air festival with acrobatic pilots such as the European champion Cástor Fantoba, the local Àlex Balcells and the historical planes of the PAC foundation.