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Aerosport: General and Sports Aviation Certificate
Dates of celebration: May, 9th and 10th  2020
Location: Igualada-Òdena Aerodrome
Hours: Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Fly motor
Amateur construction
Aeronautical accessories
Pilot schools
Flying clubs
Used marketplace


Companies interested in participating in the Aerosport must complete the pre-registration bulletin and return it by fax or e-mail to FIRA D’IGUALADA before next April 7.

Later, once the reservation of spaces has been made, a plan will be sent to them indicating the space awarded, the application for admission (which must be duly completed and returned by fax or e-mail to FIRA D ‘IGUALADA) and the contracting sheets for services.


The distribution and the award will be made in accordance with the following priorities:

The companies that participated in the previous edition of Aerosport
Requested surface area
Application pre-registration order
Products to exhibit
Other technical considerations
The award of spaces of the fair is exclusive right of the organization of Aerosport.


FIRA D’IGUALADA puts the following services at the exhibitor’s service:

The modular stands are equipped with a carpet, general electrical outlet of 100w / m2 (single-phase and total) for the lamp proper to the stand and a plug.
The free construction stands are equipped with a basic prey of 100w / m2 current (single phase)
Security service
Cafeteria service on the same grounds
Civil liability insurance
Fire extinguishing service
Packaging storage service
Crane service for download and loading in the enclosure
Free insertion in the catalog
Exhibitor maintenance and care service
As an option, FIRA D’IGUALADA offers services and complements such as: furniture, hostesses, gardening, accommodation, energy expansion, steam, compressed air etc. With the application for admission, the services contract sheets will be delivered.

FIRA DE IGUALADA is in charge of cleaning the corridors and common areas. The cleaning of the stands is the responsibility of the exhibitor and this one can, contract the cleaning in the contracting sheets for the mentioned services.

FIRA D’IGUALADA has contracted a public address system that includes ambient music service and notices. The installation of no other sound equipment, by the exhibiting companies, that may interfere with the general assembly service is not allowed.


The official Aerosport catalog will be edited by the organization.

The organization is exempt from responsibility for the errors that could be published.


The organization will provide exhibitors with mounting and disassembly passes.

The assembly will be on Friday prior to the Fair, from 1 to 7 p.m., and on the same Saturday of the fair from 8 to 9.30 p.m.

The disassembly will be the same Sunday of the fair from 4 to 7 p.m.

In the case of having to mount or disassemble in a few hours or days other than those established, authorization must be requested from the organization, which will study the possibility.

The modular stands must be returned in the same state where they were delivered without being able to make any hole in the walls or walls.

The exhibitors that have the stand of free construction will have to contact the organization to know the technical data. Likewise they will have to present to the organization the plane of the project. All packaging must be perfectly identified with the exhibitor’s data. The organization will put at your disposal a place to store them, exempting them from any responsibility.


Modular stand 3×3 (9m2): 450 euros. Booking before march 15th: 400 euros.
Outside building space: 400 euros ( 50m2). Booking before march 15th: 350 euros.
Before the 15th of March, the cost of the registration and 25% of the amount of the stand or space must be paid, the remaining 75% before April 30th. All payments must always be made in favor of FIRA D’IGUALADA using one of the following formulas:

Check in favor of Fira d’Igualada
Bank transfer to your account:
Banco Sabadell: ES44 0081-0037-92-0001352736
BBVA: ES54 0182-8099-1701-0001-0059
Prices will be added to the corresponding VAT
The location of any exhibitor who has not made the payment first amount will not be determined.


FIRA D’IGUALADA has entered into a third party liability civil liability policy, which will be valid during the days of the fair (including the days of assembly and disassembly). A copy of the aforementioned policy is available to the contracting party.
The robbery insurance will have to be covered especially by the exhibitor.


For any event, the contracting authority has the participation regulations in the FIRA D’IGUALADA trade fair.